Performing Identities

Dr. Rachel Garfield, University of Reading is on the panel Performing Identities at:

Artists’ Moving Image Practice in Britain: From 1990 to today
November 6th & 7th Whitechapel Art Gallery, London


British artists and institutions have played a pioneering role in this history. From the filmmaking co-ops of the 1970s to recent exercises in digital manipulation, UK-based artists have been at the forefront of artistic experimentation, distribution, and exhibition. This has particularly been the case since the 1990s, when a mixture of artist support agencies and galleries such as LUX, Film and Video Umbrella, FACT, Film London and Channel 4 began re-aligning funding interests and supporting artists’ moving image work. Despite being showcased and discussed by arts and cultural organizations and academics, this field has not been fully explored or historicised.

Featuring keynote lectures and panel discussions with leading specialists – artists, curators, film historians, art historians and critics – the purpose of this conference is to map the recent history of of this dynamic strand of visual culture within a British context, and to develop new scholarly research through thematic discussions and close readings of selected works and artists.


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