Alumni: lockjaws*, Trinity Arts Centre


lockjaws* Exhibition and Issue 1 launch Bristol Bath Art Weekender
Opening: 31 Oct 2015, 2-5pm
31 Oct 2015 – 5 Nov 2015

Video created for lockjaws* by artist Tom Richardson

Poster Attached

Trinity Centre, Bristol
Sat 31st Oct 2pm – 5pm
lockjaws* launch their exhibition and publication alongside a number of artist performances and artist collective interventions, including a bar.

Da Thirst / Millington and Marriott / CHAMP / Laura Prime / Matilda Moors / Isaac Stacey / Steph Li / G. K. Stephens / lewdjaw / Jamie Sorensen / Bridie Hindle / Thomas Kuijpers / Esme Boggis / Karanjit Panesar / Tom Richardson / The Pierre Monroe Group / Jakob Rowlinson / Lady Garden / Deborah Olakigbe / Sam Ford / Simon Hood / Richard Clitheroe

Performances by
Tara Tate
Angeli Bhose
Simon Hood

Launch of publication / lockjaws* / becomes exhibition / emerging artists from UK / and further afield / each championed by curator / artist collectives / biennial show in a newspaper format / editorial team… editing / 2D / 3D / video / installation / performance / BAR / artists + curators together for first time in Bristol / haven’t met half these artists before / but we have emailed them / skyped the curators / old work / new work / work that climbs on rocks.

Trinity Centre, Bristol
Sat 31st 10am–6pm daily Continues to 5 Nov


event for art weekender

in association with

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