Gertrude Stein Heinz Gappmayr Olivier Mosset Alan Charlton Valentin Hauri Colin Sackett Elizabeth McAlpine Ella McCartney Yun-Ling Chen Curated by … More

Artists Talks, Reading School of Art

Autumn Wednesday 10th October –  Claire Price Wednesday 17th October – Ralph Dorey Wednesday 24th October –  Ami Clark Wednesday 31st October – Simon Bill. Followed … More

Aftercast – Florian Roithmayr

Aftercast is published in the context of the research and exhibition project the humility of plaster (2016-2018), initiated by Florian Roithmayr as a … More


  purpleSTARS stands for Sensory, Technology and Art Resource Specialists purpleSTARS are a team of artists and technologists with and … More