Melanie Jackson – Interview with Floorr Magazine

Melanie Jackson, artist and former Reading School of Art PhD candidate, is interviewed by Jane Hayes Greenwood for Floorr Magazine. The full interview is available here

Featured image: Canonfire

One of the things that fascinated me about them is how funny, how rude, how irreverent and how pleasing to the contemporary eye they seem to be. There are monkey apothecaries pissing into their mortars; sleazy landlords spying on their tenants having sex; vulva carried aloft on sedan chairs. What is deeply contested by academics from different disciplines is what they meant at the time and who wore them.

Melanie Jackson on her research into the bawdy badges produced in Europe in the Middle Ages and her recent video work spekyng rybawdy.
Deeper in the Pyramid

Milk seemed so interesting because of its complex and conflicted status as a human bodily fluid; market derivative; for all its properties as a bio-adaptive, chemically complex fluid, and all its metaphorical associations. It is a subject that will never be closed. It’s always adapting.

The artist discussing Deeper in the Pyramid, a collaborative project produced with Esther Leslie.

All images by Melanie Jackson

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