Nature Created by Design – Coexistence of Flora and Fauna

Visit the virtual gallery here

Nature Created by Design is an exhibition that started in 2006 and is celebrating its 15th this year. Last year, the exhibition was held with the participation of professors and students from art colleges in eight countries. However, this year, 37 professors and students from only six countries are participating due to COVID-19. They are: Shanghai Institute of Visual Art in China, Bandung Institute of Technology in Indonesia, Seoul Institute of the Arts in Korea, ZUYD University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, University of Reading in the UK and University of Southern California in the USA. This exhibition, which is gradually expanding its scope, is an international exchange that produces and displays works grappling with global environmental issues facing mankind today from an artistic perspective.

In 2020, the topic is ‘Coexistence’. In the confined space of the Earth, we will examine how Fauna and Flora can live in harmony. This is also an important question posed to humanity especially during a Pandemic. How can we share this space for a better life in the future? Artists participating in the exhibition answer this question using various modes of expression such as design, painting, sculpture, objet, video, etc.

As contact-free has become the new normal this year, works have been exhibited in ATEC Virtual Gallery at Seoul Institute of the Arts. We hope that the 15th Nature Created by Design 2020 will act as a trigger for countries around the world to start creating a sustainable global environment and to reflect, again, on nature through the message of the times.

Participating students from Reading School of Art, University of Reading: 
Dalga Hasmetoglu 
Eli Finn Taryn 
Halima Hussein 
Or Williams 
Naffy Williams
Dalga Hasmetoglu, Glacier. Virtual gallery landing page.
From L to R: Eli Finn Taryn, Descent, Whale, First Light. Installation shot.
Virtual gallery, installation shot.
Virtual gallery, installation shot.
Nature Created by Design: Coexistence of Fauna and Flora, exhibition poster.

Visit the virtual gallery here

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