Digital Slip

by Double Okay
Fri 22 May 2020
20:00 GMT
Streamed live via

We’re back, baby!
Submerge urself in experimental DIGITAL performance, film, sound & poetry.

Digital Slip is a queer-centred online space for artists who know what it is like to be othered, alienated or rendered invisible. It is a night of performative reclamation and a right good laugh.

Double Okay are ur dream trans* artist trio – Oren Shoesmith, G K Field and Ollie Musson. Based in Reading, we create opportunities and queer-centred spaces for the LGBTQ+ community and artists.

In response to the IRL ‘u slip into’ events, we’re bringing the format online. Whilst this is due to the pandemic, we are v excited to be taking up space online, and hopefully bringing our little sphere of queer to some more people, especially those who may have some difficulty in accessing club and performance spaces. Now more than ever, a sense of community and a platform for expression feels so important to us personally in tackling this period of physical distancing – we hope you’ll share it with us.

Double Okay:

  • Oren Shoesmith (RSA staff and alumnus)
  • Mister Frank (RSA alumnus)
  • Sheer Obsession (RSA alumnus)


  • Valeria Radchenko (RSA alumnus)
  • Rabi Bhose
  • Rae Clark (RSA finalist 2020)
  • Lewis Mckay (RSA finalist 2020)
  • Holly Buckle
  • Forest Davidson (RSA current student)
  • Violent May
  • Kat Beatty (RSA alumnus)
  • Jessica-Tayler Cain
  • El Martin (RSA finalist 2020)
  • Tom Stockley
  • Aimilia Efthymiou
  • Heather Seldon (RSA current student)

We will also be hosting a Q&A discussion with some of the artists after the show!

All genders, expressions, sexualities are welcome ♥

Zero tolerance for harassment/discrimination. No transphobia, homophobia, racism, islamophobia, body shaming, slut shaming, fatphobia, sexism, ableism.

Content note: Our performance nights are usually 18+ due to the venue restrictions, and therefore we recommend this online show as 18+. However we’re aware that this limits access to queer solidarity and community. We do our best to make our spaces safe for audiences, and there will be a warning of content where necessary before each performance. There is likely to be some explicit language, discussions of health and access to care in a variety of forms, including mental health, trans care and COVID-19, as well as some partial nudity.

Any questions contact or contact us through our social media accounts.

Watch live online Friday 22 May from 8pm here

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