John Russell at Frieze

public sculpture
Dr John Russell from the Department of Fine Art, will be exhibiting a striking piece of artwork in Regent’s Park, London at the end of this week. The piece was commissioned by the Frieze Art Fair, who are the most prestigious contemporary art fair in the UK to present an installation in the Sculpture Park.

‘Public Sculpture [the social]’ (2010) takes the form of a large scale digital print on vinyl (4.6 x 8.4 metres) depicting a futuristic public sculpture. This imagery was developed in part, from a recent AHRC funded project researching the visualization of philosophical and political ideas as art.

Dr Russell said: “The sculpture presents the image of a virtual sculpture, constructed using 3D modelling, and outputted as a large scale print. In part I was influenced by J.G.Ballard’s descriptions of impossible, futuristic sculptures in his book Vermillion Sands.”

The work can be seen at the Frieze Sculpture Park, from Thursday 14 – Sunday 17 October 2010.

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