Ultra High Temperature#1

Ultra High Temperature#1 | Launching at Eastside Projects, Birmingham | 14 to 16 October 2010 | Performance: 15 October, 6 to 8pm

Ultra High Temperature#1 forms the first in an ongoing project which explores the realms of collaboration, performance, writing and publication as artistic vehicle of production, dispersion and progression. Initiated by artist Rebecca Bibby, #1 invites an embryonic fusion between London based electronic girl band Polly Fibre, artist/designers An Endless Supply and fictional artist UH Thompson. Through a cross-fertilisation of these artistic parts #1 manifests in a producing machine that orates the artistic and political potential inherent in visions of technosexuality.

Ultra High Temperature#1 will be launched, printed, compiled and distributed as a live performance on the opening night. For the production process Rebecca Bibby will be producing an essay that re-fictions the futuristic projections of technosexuality in Metropolis (1927); An Endless Supply will be designing this essay and the Risograph that the duo’s publications are printed from, will take residence in the exhibition space for the duration of the show. As crude avatar of Rebecca Bibby’s practice UH Thompson will, on this occasion, be embodied by Aikon-II, a mechanically programmed signature machine which will automatically sign each copy of the publication as a seal of authentication. The production process will be performed and packaged by Polly Fibre whose costumes will be on display throughout the exhibition.

The launch will form part of a group show in the Second Gallery space at Eastside Projects, Birmingham and will be exhibited alongside artists Gene-George Earl and Joanne Masding.

www.uhtonline.com || info@uhtonline.com

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