Reading Assembly: Care

27 and 28 May 2021

Check out the upcoming free event Reading Assembly: Care running online on 27 and 28 of May for a range of performances, workshops, talks, debates, and films that have been produced by grassroots community groups, artists, educators, academic researchers, and students from different departments of the University of Reading (Art, Film, Theatre, Television, Architecture).

To care means different things for different people. There is often a great difference between the way governments measure and evaluate care work for instance, and the way we care in our everyday lives. The project aims to make every day ‘acts of care’ visible through different socially engaged artistic practices, working at the intersections of art, care and social research.

Each activity is intended as a starting point one can follow, select from, combine or use as inspiration to create their own responses. Members of the public can choose one or more activities to engage with.

This event will be held on Zoom, to join please visit the live sessions page.

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