Error 404: Degree Show 2019

Nestled within this collection of pages are the lives, experiences, works, words of the 2019 graduating class of the Reading School of Art. X? Y? Z? Strawberry? Which generation do we actually belong to? Which part of history do people like us occupy? People like us? In a scramble to locate ourselves, frantic dices into search engines, brisk comparisons of birth years, alas, Error 404: Not Found. While the title reflects the struggle to conjure a unifying descriptor for our year group, its contents also celebrate the individualism and diversity seen in the school. In you hands is a collage of stuff, glitches of content, a medley of words, an error-ful yearbook of the class of 2019.

10 – 14 June
10:00 – 16:00
15 – 16 June
11:00 – 18:00

Reading School of Art
University of Reading
TOB1 Earley Gate,
Whiteknights Road
Reading RG6 7BE

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