Euronoize Conference

Art Bands, DiY Music and Cultural Identity in an Age of Transnational Mobility
University of Reading

This conference is the first iteration of EuroNoize, a collaborative project held between the University of Reading, Kunsthall Oslo and A.R.E. Prague and funded by the European Commission.

The University of Reading will present a one day EuroNoize conference on 21 September. Called Art Bands, DIY Music And Cultural Identity In An Age Of Transnational Mobility, its core aim is to “explore the history and existing practices of the DIY music in Europe and beyond, to evaluate this particular form of artistic production alongside other contemporary aesthetic modes”. The event, funded by the European Commission, is a collaboration with Kunsthall Oslo and ARE Prague.

The Wire’s Chris Bohn will present “The Academy Imperils”, a talk celebrating the Hamburg punk group Abwärts, and The Wire contributor Simon Reynolds will speak about “DIY – Then, Now, Tomorrow”. Other speakers presenting 20 minute talks include conference organisers Pil And Galia Kollectiv, Philip Auslander, Bryan Biggs, Sarah Lowndes, Paula Guerra, Stephanie Phillips and Matt Worley.

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