Angel of History: I Can See for Miles

John Russell ‘Angel of History: I Can See for Miles’
A new temporary public artwork commissioned for the railway bridge in Southend-on-Sea

Angel of History: I Can See for Miles’ is the first in Focal Point Gallery’s new series of temporary public artworks commissioned specifically for the railway bridge that spans Southend-on-Sea’s pedestrianised high street. For this inaugural project, artist John Russell has digitally reworked a famous portrait from 1981 of former British Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and focused exclusively on the aging woman’s eyes. This new image, which will effectively gaze down Southend’s main commercial thoroughfare, is installed on the north side of the overpass and printed on a fifteen-metre wide custom-made support. Unveiled between 4.00pm to 7.00pm on Saturday 10 September at The Sunrooms, 20-21 Market Place, Southend-on-Sea

Project runs until Saturday 22 October 2011

Focal Point Gallery Southend Central Library Victoria Avenue Southend-on-Sea Essex SS2 6EX, UK

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