Where is Heidenheim?

Mock Up

Public Art Commission. WERK 10 – Bildhauser Symposium Germany
Exhibition – Heidenheim Gallery – 16/07/2010
With artists Michael Beutler, Vanessa Henn, Tina O’Connell /Neal White, Götz Arndt
Stefan Sous. Nomination by Penelope Curtis.

Working with artist Tina O’Connell (Department of Art, University of Reading) we made a proposal for working in both physical of the town and media space of the local newspaper – Heidenheim Zietung.

As artists working from within a situational perspective, we have learned much from working alongside artists such as John Latham (see Artist Placement Group), Danish Architects N55, and with innumerate factories and production teams. We see sculpture more as a malleable process informed by the broader social contexts, and now bound in form by physical materiality, but through the flux and dynamics of events, which in turn become the substance and context of our own practice.

In making this proposal we believe that we are making a gesture that is both serious and at the same time, implies humour and a sense of inquisitiveness that are essential aspects of our own shared psyche.

Heidenheim over the course of the work will discover many places that it did not know of before. At the same, this will be true of the link papers and the places from which they come, as far flung as the wilds of Asia, the troubled regions of the Middle East, the burgeoning economies of Latin America and India, and the deep backwater of the midwest of the United States.

By uniting places through this project, a global dynamic will open up that is both a tribute to communications, as well as indicating other possibilities for exchange and co-operation against a background of future economic difficulties. The work occupies physical space globally and locally, as well as being conceived in the imaginary space that media sometimes makes. It is a sculptural work that is both material and immaterial, an event structure for a contemporary world.


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