Existential Territories

Department of Art’s Dr John Russell will be speaking at Existential Territories, Saturday 17 July 2010, 7—9pm at FormContent. Organised by Jeremy Akerman and Fine Art alumni Gavin Everall Existential Territories is series of six, monthly events that focus on artists’ writings, readings, discussion and debate. Themes include: artists’ publications, nomadism, cosmopolitanism, the avant-garde, transgression, power.

The events prioritise work that carves out new territories and disrupts established forms. No consensus of practice is aimed for, rather these six events present a range of singular and contesting voices that question: How do you see the relationship between the verbal and visual in your work? What is the place of writing in your practice and how does it influence the images you make, and vice versa? What is your take on art-writing?’

With a.o. David Burrows, Clunie Reid, Fiona Banner, John Russell, Harry Pye, Michael Dean, Paul Buck, with recorded or visual contributions from Margarita Gluzberg, Charlotte Young and Stewart Home. Organised by Jeremy Akerman, Gavin Everall, Paul Buck and Francesco Pedraglio.

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