BA & MA Final Degree Show

We are delighted to invite you to our 

BA Art and MA Degree Shows

Opening event:
Friday 26 May 2022 from 4-8 pm

Reading School of Art

University of Reading, TOB1, Whiteknights Road, Earley Gate, Reading RG6 6BZ

Exhibition open: 29 May – 2 June 11am – 5pm

The Epilogue

“This degree show signifies the conclusion of our time as students at Reading School of Art and the end of the building that has been a creative home to all of us throughout our degrees . In preparation for this exhibition, there has been a nostalgic buzz in the studio. We have shared our fond memories created within the fragile walls of the department. We have reminisced about how far we have come as artists and people, from first establishing ourselves in the beginning to preparing for our final show. We question each other about where we are going next, and what our plan is, and sometimes it is easy to forget to savour the present. However, the rebirth of RSA is taking place as you read this. We are honoured to be the last year to enjoy the wonderfully humble and historically vibrant TOB1 building, and in doing so, we present The Epilogue.    

We invite you to join us in our celebration, sharing the work of our students in the building that was the catalyst for it all. Come and experience ecological visions of the future, films depicting migrant stories from Kurdistan, surreal paintings of babies hugging swans, arachnophobic sculptures, mannequin performances, talking orbs, knitted alien life forms and a lot more.”  

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