RSA BA Degree Show + MA Graduate Show

PIÈCE DE DISTANCE: BA Degree Show + Outdoor Cinema

MA Graduate Show

June 4th 2021

6 pm Talks and Prizes
7 – 8.30 pm Outdoor Cinema and Live Stream

PIÈCE DE DISTANCE is an alternative to Reading School of Art’s annual degree show. The event presents BA and MA graduating artists in a large exhibition, an online live stream and an outdoor cinema show-reel screening. 

The exhibition and event feature over 70 artists and works include paintings of toppled Colston monuments, spinning videos tackling fake covid facts on social media during lockdown and animated pastel drawings that intimately reflect on transgender experiences. You will see work that deals with our experience of distance and connection, concerns about the environment and the climate crisis, gender and intersectionality, the self and the body, politics, and all ideas that have been integral to students and their individual practices. PIÈCE DE DISTANCE represents the efforts made by our studio community to overcome the constraints of separation and distance working. Works in the live stream will be in video form and the onsite degree show features painting, sculpture, sound, textile, and video installation. 

The onsite event will begin at 6pm. Please feel free to bring picnic blankets, some dinner, and drinks for an evening of celebration. 

The live stream will begin at 7pm on Facebook at

The Degree Show is open from 7 – 10 June 2021 2 – 4 pm each day

Booking for students essential, see Eventbrite. (No booking for staff needed)

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