Pressure Chamber: Nematodes

House of Hysteria (HoH)

48 Falcon Road, SW11 2LR London, United Kingdom
Open: 12th May – 4th June, Fri-Sun 11am-4pm or by appointment only

Pressure Chamber
Pressure Chambers are artificially constructed hermetic systems that are sealed off and designed to contain substances and reactions at pressures above atmospheric conditions. Sites of forced yet contingent collisions, pressure chambers are self-contained ecologies of power. Due to their hermetic nature they can appear hostile to visitors that require air, space or compass because they are closed systems, ‘air-tight’. They can also provide ideal climates for micro-organisms that exist within their architecture: cells that have a tendency towards the alchemical or house serial practices with their own internal logic. These cells are the manufactured raw material of the pressure chambers but also self-propagate and, simultaneously, reconfigure their host. This Pressure Chamber is a bespoke installation that co-constructs an intramural ecology in friction with the existing architecture of ArtLacuna. This built environment is produced through a series of expanded paintings by Dale Holmes and Tina Jenkins, and a versatile structure (Cyborgian Nano-Technic Transformer Unit or CNTU) fabricated by HOH. These discrete structures and interventions are then impinged upon and inhabited, or repurposed, by a programme of performances entitled Nematodes and an accompanying text and sound work Sick_Flower produced by Lisa Barnard.

Nematodes are soil dwelling and thrive within an environment without horizon. They have a parasitical relationship with their hosts but are also an environmentally friendly method of pest control. This can help any system that houses them to defend against foreign bodies, which may enter its ecology. Certain nematodes can feed off their decomposing host or ‘house’. Nematodes is a programme of performances, which resituates Pressure Chamber as fluctuating between several spatial-temporal conditions. It consists simultaneously as a series of autonomous structures, a temporary set composed out of tensions between architectural actors and a platform for live, textual and/or sound interventions. These performances are invited to impinge on the space throughout the duration of the exhibition by adding objects to the CNTU.


House of Hysteria is excited to house the following programme of events:
Thursday 12.05.16 6pm – 9pm – opening and a performance by Linda Stupart
Friday 20.05.16 7pm – a play by Sharon Kivland, ONE OR TWO THINGS THEY KNOW ABOUT HER
Saturday 04.06.16 7pm – 10pm – closing event and a gig with DasBootsTheChemist and UrBororo coordinated by Pil & Galia Kollectiv



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