Horse Hospital


This Dark Thing That Sleeps In Me – Horse Hospital Exhibition
EXHIBITION: FRI 15th JAN – SUN 17th JAN, 12 – 6PM

University of Reading  Art students will hold their exhibition ‘This Dark Thing that Sleeps in Me’ at the Horse Hospital for the first time in January 2016. A private view will be held on Thursday 14th January from 6pm, and the exhibition will be open Friday 15th January, from 12-6pm (will it be open over the weekend? Post date and time here).

This exhibition is a showcase of work from 28 young up-and-coming artists from the University of Reading. ‘This Dark Thing that Sleeps in Me’ has not been curated thematically, but instead focuses on the ways in which we may work with darkness to present mixed media works. There is an emphasis on film, audio and how sculpture and painted works may be presented with lighting. This is a unique environment where the students have been given the chance to develop their curatorial skills and where the public can learn about what young artists explore in their art work.

The Horse Hospital’s mission is to be driven by artistic communities and to create new opportunities for them. By giving the students of the University of Reading the opportunity to exhibit here, the gallery continues to work for the community and encourages the working practice of young artists.

Image: Nacheal Catnott, ‘Through the Windrush: u feel like yam’, film and sculpture, 2016

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