17 July — 30 August 2015

The GRADlab programme resumes this summer with a new exhibition of works by artists Susanne Clausen (born Munich, Germany) and Pavlo Kerestey (born Uzhgorod, Ukraine).

Co-operating under the name ‘Szuper Gallery’, Clausen and Kerestey’s ambivalent multimedia approach spans video, performance, installation and paintings. Named in reference to the uniquely peaceful and non-hierarchical groups formed by Bonobo apes, this exhibition explores alternative societal models as a means of conflict resolution and social integration. A live performance of the duo’s work Liquid Trust will take place at the ICA, in partnership with GRAD and the University of Reading, on 14 July.

3-4a Little Portland Street
London W1W 7JB
Private View 16th July 6pm

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