Evangelic: A Private View


Saturday 20 September
2 – 4pm

The International Gallery of Jamaica at Modern Art Oxford presents:
Evangelic: A Private View

Three short talks that introduce the ideas behind Rachael Minott’s Platform exhibition.

Rachael Minott introduces the history to the figures in her artworks : Sam Sharpe, Paul Bogle and George William Gordon and the work of Baptist Missionaries from England to Jamaica, reflecting on the role of objects and artworks in articulating these histories.

Emma Walsh from the Angus Library discusses Slavery:  The Historical and Modern Perspectives an exhibition of previously unseen original artifacts, documenting the history of the slave trade and the abolition movement.

Rosemarie Davidson-Gotobed The Same Sharpe Project

Sam Sharpe was a Baptist minister whose execution is considered instrumental in the bringing about the abolition of Slavery. The ‘Sam Sharpe Project’ considers the principle that true liberation comes when those who are oppressed or marginalized participate in making their own freedom and justice, rather than simply having it granted to them by those who have power and authority. For this talk Davidson-Gotobed will discuss the project within the context of the Jamaica Baptist Ministry Society Bicentenary celebrations.

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