Art PhD Symposium


Art PhD Symposium, Department of Art, University of Reading
Date: 20th June 2014
Time: 9.30-10.00 welcome coffee / end of the day 16.30
Venue: Museum of English Rural Life (MERL)
University of Reading
Redlands Road
Reading RG1 5EX

Attendance is free, but you must register to take part in the event. Please email: Raquel Borges

Keynote Speakers
Liz Ellis, Curator of Community Learning, Tate Modern
Dean Kenning, Artist
Ian Kiaer, Artist
Michael Newall, University of Kent

Postgraduate Speakers
Robyn Appleton*
Sophia Hadjigeorgiou
Donna Yamani

Conversation as a means of crossing the borders between artistic practices, art historical research, art theory and art criticism. Artists may explore, express or participate in conversations affecting their work. Conversation is art in some contemporary practices. An art work might propose a discussion with other works – texts, objects or situations – or embody dialogue in art. Art is the subject of conversations raising more immediate issues. Is every art conversation heard and should it be?

Speakers’ papers focus on the intentionality of using conversation as art, within art, about art or between artists, researchers, theorists, philosophers, curators and critics. Contributions consider – but are not necessarily limited to:

conversation as art
conversations between artworks, artists, art historians, curators, theorists, philosophers
conversations over time, over place and over distance
conversations that deploy new techniques or technologies
conversations within artworks, objects, architecture and performance

* Robyn Appleton will present lunch as an event with a menu which includes vegetarian dishes.

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