Degree Show 2014


Gin Dear is the 2014 degree show at the University of Reading, showcasing the artwork of 53 undergraduates and 5 MFA students.

Practices range from figurative painting to abstraction, sculpture, installation, performance and film; with many works overlapping the boundaries between these disciplines.

Only here can you experience facial projection mapping, meditation training videos, class warfare poetry, underwater simulation capsules and anthropomorphic  furniture rituals all under the same banner, inside the same venue.

Gin Dear is a smorgasbord of ideas and feelings, a cabinet of curiosities, a swarming torrent file with underlying seeds; the product of a community of young artists working together over the course of 3- and in some cases 4- years; talking, arguing, curating and critiquing.

Gin Dear is all of this, and it is free to be drunk by the eye of the observer.

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