Jamaican Cultural Conference


The Jamaican Cultural Conference, is an event taking place in Reading, United Kingdom, on May 17th 2014. The event was established by the artist Rachael Minott, a Jamaican born Art and History of Art finalist student at the University of Reading, as a part of her final degree show, GINDEAR 2014.

The event is a forum for a number of academics from across the UK whose field of research is based on Jamaica, to speak about their work. The conference is being used as a means of educating those who might otherwise have remained ignorant to aspects of Jamaican culture and history outside the problematic two dimensional portrayal of the country in the media.
Speakers include: Alison Donnell, Lorna Holder, Ruth Minot Eggletsone, Sara Burke and Thomas Glave amongst others.

Full recording of the conference can be found here: http://www.jamaicanculturalconference.co.uk


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