It’s Us! It’s Us!

‘It’s Us, It’s Us!’
– a collaborative touring exhibition organised by Reading University Art students and Bristol UWE Students.

It is the first part in a series of group exhibitions between artists working in Bristol and Reading. The opening exhibition at the Motorcycle showroom in Bristol is a parody of conflict between the two cities, as the Reading antagonists intrude the local identity, and any opportunity for compromise is sabotaged. Working in a variety of mediums, the artists present a satiric celebration of the darker desires of the ego, the notion of the masterpiece inspiring their boldest, loudest intentions. An exploration into the nature of group exhibitions, the artist’s work to deliberately out do the other.

The exhibition is being first shown in Bristol (Thurs 9th -11th Feb) and then being transported to Reading to be shown at the Turbine House, Riverside Museum (23rd – 25th Feb).

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