House of POLLYFIBRE at Absolut Fringe

House of Pollyfibre presents Prêt-à-Médiatiser in this years  Absolut Fringe programme. Deconstructing the conventional fashion show format, artist Christine Ellison manipulates the physical tools and digital technology of design production to create a colourful visual environment accompanied by a live noise scape.

Referencing early software interfaces and magazine culture, Ellison takes this 2 dimensional imagery and creates cut out dresses and hats made of geometric shapes. The live performance will involve and reveal the backstage craziness of model changes and ‘live layering’ with the fashion collection itself offering dual possibilities depending on your perspective. So sounds like one hell of an exciting production already and then add to this the documentation of the event, which will eventually become part of the show itself. Billed as ‘high art meets fashion’ the installation references art and architectural ideas of the Dadaists and Futurists from the early 20th Century, revisiting the effects of new technologies and a new visual culture at the beginning of our own Brave New World. Conceptually is an impressively conceived project that’s super relevant to anybody working in design, but the surface pleasure is all rudimentary style and entertainment.

FOR TWO NIGHTS ONLY 16 – 17 SEPT in South Studios as part of ABSOLUT Fringe – Ireland’s largest multi-disciplinary arts festival 10 – 25 September 2011

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