Preamble at MK Gallery

Children of Jalun present Preamble

MK Gallery, Milton Keynes Thursday 21st July 2011 6.30pm

Looking for new space in which to present their artistic output; members of the Jalun collective (former students of the Department of Art, University of Reading) come together at MK Gallery in an attempt to inform the second instalment of a series of published works.

Currently working on the second publication, Volume Two: Sin Hipster, the collective will present their initial responses to the subject; one that tracks a move from a performance of parroting as a means of survival, into the theme of artistic puberty and the art practices of the genitally obsessed.

Working predominantly in print media and performance, the group curate and exhibit their collaborative output, as well as invite contributions from other artists. The first publication, Volume Three: Dummy, was launched as a durational performance event and produced in association with Focal Point Gallery, Southend-on-Sea.

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