PhD Symposium in Art

PhD Symposium in Art
Graduate School in the Arts and Humanities
University of Reading

Wednesday 23 June 2010

A Symposium to discuss practice-led research in art across disciplines at the University of Reading, featuring presentations by PhD researchers in Fine Art, History of Art, and Philosophy, and interventions by Art & Language and Herman Rapaport, Reynolds Professor of English, Wake Forest University.

11.15-11.45 Neil Chapman, ‘The Winter Journey: Vitalism’s Rosetta Stone’
11.45-12.15 Roxana Tohanaeanu-Shields, ‘Conceptual Art and the Aesthetic’
12.15-13.00 Art & Language
14.00-14.30 Andy Hunt, ‘One Curator, Three Dealers: Serota, Fischer, D’Offay and Gagosian’
14.30-15.00 Claire Drever, ‘Art as the Negation of One’s Ego’
15.00-15.45 Herman Rapaport, ‘Let Freedom Ring! Cutting Loose with Albert Ayler and Carolee Schneemann’
16.00-16.30 Kate Corder, ‘Allotment Plot and its Growing History’
16.30-17.00 David Stent, ‘A Skinned Mule – Portraits of a Research Project’

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