A Productive Relationship

Integration of Practice and Theory in Post-graduate Research

These five seminars led by Dr Martine Rouleau, lecturer at Birkbeck College, take place in March, April and May 2010, providing a platform for the discussion of issues arising from the integration of theory and practice in post-graduate research . The outcome of the series will be a conference held at Birkbeck College in June 2010 where the participants to the seminars, other research students and scholars will be invited to discuss their approach.

In media, culture and creative practice, the choice of a research framework is often intertwined with the practice that you will engage with in order to conduct your research, be it media and film, arts management, music, creative writing, screenwriting, journalism, performance or cultural studies. More than an object of study, each comes to existence through a process that can contribute to the direction your questions, reflections and arguments might take. How can the integration of practice and theory provide means to encompass these dimensions in research?

Each seminar will take the form of a brief presentation introducing a reading and/or a particular research. The participants are then encouraged to engage in discussion on the basis of the introduction, the recommended readings and their own research.

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