Creating Friction

An Interdisciplinary Creative Practice Postgraduate Conference
22nd April 2010 Newcastle University

With the expansion of creative possibilities for study within University settings, it is increasingly imperative that we question the borders between the creative and critical components of postgraduate study.  How do the different modes of creative practice intersect with the world of traditional academia?  How does a creative practitioner function as a PhD candidate?  What methods can be used for assessment?  What role does the accompanying critical thesis play in the context of the creative work produced?  How does creative practice differ from fieldwork?  What frictions are created by interdisciplinary work?

This one-day seminar aims to provide a space for creative practitioner PhD students to come together and discuss the relationship between their practice and research.

Keynote Speaker: Dr Sharon Kivland, Reader in Contemporary Art, Sheffield Hallam University, Visiting Fellow in the Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies, University of London, and a Research Associate of the Centre for Freudian Research and Analysis, London

 Presentations must discuss both the creative and the critical aspects of your PhD research and should last no longer than 20 minutes maximum.  We are keen to encourage diverse methods of presentation, and exhibition space will be available on the day. For installation based presentations, please e-mail us in the first instance to check we can meet your spatial and technical requirements.

 We invite 300 word abstracts (including up to 10 low res images or up to 2 minutes video where relevant) from those who consider themselves to be creative practitioner PhD students; this includes (but is not limited to) students working within the areas of creative writing, digital media, fine art, music, and the performing arts.

 Please email abstracts to:  | Deadline: Friday 25th February 2010, 10am

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