Edinburgh Festival

Two Reading University Fine Art graduates have transformed a pink double decker bus into a spectacular cavern of recycled bric-a-brac. Victoria Brook and Caroline Fletcher took the bus to the Edinburgh Fringe for use as a venue. The bus, run on bio-fuel, will be stationed at the central Bristo Square in Edinburgh for the festival.Talking to the BBC they explained:

“This installation was in response to the amount of litter we observed and what a huge impact this was having on our environment,” says Victoria. “We felt if we could use the discarded objects as materials, we could create something positive.” 

“Inside we’ve carved out environments which include a fireplace and a bar made from crushed beer can blocks complete with melted vinyl record bar top,” says Victoria. “There’s also a love corner with Mills and Boon wallpaper and also a sprouting tree! “Every surface is covered with society’s abandoned tat which we have lovingly constructed into a shrine of treasures.”

Read the full article here on the BBC website

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