Image: Action: Text

Revolutionary and assimilated artworks in the form of performance, film, audio, painting and mixed media are presented by a group of seven 3rd and 4th Year Fine Art students. The private view will host performance work from a selection of these artists working with ideas based around the interaction between image, action and text.

Katie Barrington’s performance will present four experts who will dissect and reinterpret a twenty-minute broadcast of live television. A filmed recording of the performance will then be screened in the gallery for public view after the event. CJ Chandler’s work questions conventional wisdom in an increasingly didactic society. Christian Tilt presents a video piece centred on the production of a recent series of paintings entitled Conquests, looking into the modes of model perception and the current relationship between subject and artist. A sample of the paintings will be included for display within the exhibition. Catherine Brooks’ work involves an interactive station where the audience is presented with audio-based artworks to be interpreted through language and images. These notations will be re-used in the creation of subsequent artworks as part of an ongoing regurgitated public-collaborative project. Christina Denyer’s installation comprises of two short animated films from the Helios Institute, which appropriate scientific methodology and educational aesthetics in order to present an alternative history of the universe. Absurd yet plausible, these theories are extrapolated from existing facts or hypotheses. During the private view there will be a lecture with Prof. Isaac Lemming on the Bythingson-Hearney Cosmological Theorem, transmitted live from the Helios Institute ( This will be recorded on the night and presented for the duration of the show. Rebecca Bibby & Jessica Paine form a dysfunctional collaborative duo. Through endless communications, mis-communications and non-communications, the pair explore the difficulties in their artistic relationship. For ‘Image:Action:Text’ the duo present The Self-annihilating Finale, a live performance piece that cultivates yet simultaneously sabotages an arena of mutual exchange between the two artists. A one-off performance of The Self-annihilating Finale will take place during the private view, leaving only the residual documentation of the exchange for the duration of the exhibition.

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