Rethinking the art school

Rethinking the Contemporary Art School  (The Artist, the PhD and the Academy) examines the reasons for the art school and its continued existence, its role in society and what should be taught and learned in the context of what is now a globalised art world. The book considers different art school models—innovative graduate programs, independent stand-alone schools and art schools which are departments or schools of major research universities and the problems they face operating in what James Elkins describes as “marginalized in university life.” Rethinking the Contemporary Art School sheds light on the debates surrounding the appropriate terminal degree for university-level teaching in the arts and concludes with essays on new media, examining whether the contemporary art school offers the right context for this discipline. The anthology includes contributions from Su Baker, Bruce Barber, Mikkel Bogh, Juli Carson and Bruce Yonemoto, Edward Colless, Jay Coogan, Luc Courchesne, Sara Diamond, Lauren Ewing, Gary Pearson, Bill Seaman, and Jeremy Welsh.

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