Art and Ethics / Relational Practice

Leila Solta the South East Regional Editor of artartart a quarterly online magazine for contemporary art call for contributions. 

We are in the process of expanding the magazines coverage of events in the South East and are looking for new writers interesting in contributing reviews or opinion piece proposals for publication. The title and theme of our Summer 2009 edition is ‘The New Cultural Imperialism’ and Autumn 2009 ‘Art and Ethics / Relational Practice’. If you would be interested in writing for us I will gladly pass on proposals to the editor in chief.

We intend to be a fully funded organization at the beginning of 2010 meanwhile as a not for profit organization we do not have a budget to pay contributors but it would however be a good opportunity for any teacher/student who is interested in having published work about the art industry.

I hope you will pass this message on and ask any who are interested in the opportunity to contact me. Our ongoing goal to produce a national and localized source of intellectual and creative articles about British arts that would benefit from your attention. Please take some time to browse our publication and if you are interested subscribe for free at

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