Wednesday Artists Talk

Wednesday 30 November 2016

Matthew Collings from ART @ READING on Vimeo.

Matthew Collings is an art critic and artist. “He has a regular monthly column in the art magazine ArtReview (“Great Critics and Their Ideas”), in which he ‘interviews’ historical figures whose influence on art has been decisive’ […]

He began his career working at Artscribe beginning in the production department in 1979 and later took over as editor, filling that role from 1983-7, bringing international relevance to the magazine. Collings later moved into television working as a producer and presenter on the BBC The Late Show from 1989-95 […]

After leaving the BBC, Collings wrote ‘Blimey! From Bohemia to Britpop: The London Artworld from Francis Bacon to Damien Hirst,’ which humorously chronicled the rise of the Young British Art (YBA) movement. Published in 1997 by 21, a new company founded by David Bowie, among a group of others, ‘Blimey!’was described by Artforum magazine as “…one of the best-selling contemporary-art books ever.” (Kate Bush on the YBA Sensation, Artforum, 2004). The article went on to say that Collings “invented the perfect voice to complement YBA: He makes an impact without (crucially) ever appearing to try too hard. ”
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He collaborates with the artist Emma Biggs to produce paintings.

“Biggs and Collings are interested in something they have noticed by looking at art from the past. Art, as it used to be understood, has come to an end. But what strikes them is that old ideas and habits of mind are hard to shake off. Former ways of thinking constantly influence behaviour today. You could say that an example of this phenomenon is the way the aestheticisation of the art object has been replaced by the aestheticisation of the art experience. The thorny issue of how the past is present in what we, as a society, see and do, and the way in which it may differ from what we believe we say and do, is at the heart of Biggs’ and Collings’ work”.

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Wednesday 23 November 2016


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Sidsel Meineche Hansen is an artist based in London whose research-led practice manifests as exhibitions, interdisciplinary seminars and publications. Her work takes the form of woodcut prints, sculptures, CGI and VR animations that typically foreground the body’s industrial complex in the pharmaceutical, porn and tech-industries. The artist talk will focus on the female avatar ‘EVA v3.0’, a royalty-free product sold online by TurboSquid, a company that supplies stock 3D models for computer games and adult entertainment. The EVA v3.0 avatar is the main protagonist in Sidsel Meineche Hansen’s recent work (The CGI and VR animations: Seroquel®, 2014; No right way 2 cum, 2015 and DICKGIRL 3D(X), 2016) – and an object in her research on post-human sex.

Other Links
Website: Sidsel Meineche Hansen

Exhibition at Gasworks, London.
Sidsel Meineche Hansen, SECOND SEX WAR, 2016.

Interview in Fader Magazine: SECOND SEX WAR Explores The Limits And Freedom Of Our Bodies In Virtual Reality

Sidsel Meineche Hansen “INSIDER” at Cubitt Gallery, London, November 5, 2014


‘Up the Buttmunch River’
Tuesday 9 November 2015

Olivia Mole, ‘Up the ButtMunch River’ Tuesday, Feb 9, 2015. from ART @ READING on Vimeo.

Live remote Talk by Olivia Mole to MFA Art, Department of Art, University of Reading from inside the golden ‘Spirit of American Youth’ statue, in the fountain at the Americana on Brand Shopping Community, Glendale, CA.